As a brief introdaction about me:


I actually live in Paris and work mainly in Europe.

I try developping personal, "radical" approches with sounds (voice, percussion) in different contexts (solo, duo etc in music, sound art, theater, danse, or visual art) by using both improvisation and composition. 

My work is situated at the threshold of "idiomatic" - "non-idiomatic".

(including some grafic works as a "letterist")

* New Release:

-Off-cells (new net release)

-Duo Jean-Luc Guionnet - Seijiro Murayama

-with Miguel Garcia

-Solo: Mi-tai

-with Cristian Alvear

-Voice solo


"Al Karpenter. if we can't dream, they won't sleep!!" with various artists [ever/never] usa 2020

"Blues Mistake, Red Mistake" with Yan Jun, Matija Schellander, Jean-Luc Guionnet [Meenna] jap 2020

"Dented Time" with Per Oddvar Johansen [Ftarri] jap sep 2020

** Articles on Jean-Luc Guionnet - Seijiro Murayama Duo on text page

(in french and in english)

**** エドゥアール・ルヴェ自画像」、「作品集」の翻訳

Translation (french>japanese) of "Autoportrait" (2005) + "Œuvres" (2002) by Edouard Levé. Editions P.O.L

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