Seijiro lives in Paris - true ;

developping - i hope ;

personal - yes ;

and "radical" approches - for me, self-taught, yes ;

with sounds (voice, drums, percussion) - true ;

in different contexts - yes ;

or somme "genres" - i enjoy them ; to listen to and play with ;

by using both improvisation and composition - their mixture? ;.


His work - what i am interested in ;

is situated - of course, this is a way of saying ; it is situated in my head ;

on the threshold - this term reminds me of a text written by Toshiya Tsunoda 

between "the idiomatic" and "the non-idiomatic" - like both sides of a coin : it is impossible to have only one side ; please check Derek Bailey's music and his texts ; and also the book called "the idioms and idiots"

Murayama is trying to develop some ideas coming from the book - as its co-authour ; true.


The text above is an exaggerated simulation of our act of improvisation - nothing special in our daily life, only if we can afford certain state of mind.




I am neither learned nor ignorant (je ne suis ni savant ni ignorant) - I work to be able to hope so.

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